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I’m on Patreon!

Happy Thursday, everyone! This week’s regular blog post (which will be a tutorial for some super cute cards) is a little delayed, because I spent all my spare time this past week working on something else… a Patreon page!

Patreon page

As you can imagine, these tutorials take a lot of time and work to put together, and time can be awfully hard to come by. Individual commissions, Kickstarter plushie sets, weekly blog posts and tutorial creation together constitute a full time job, and I already have a 30-hours-a-week day job.

Setting up a Patreon page is one piece of my effort to move away from doing my crafting just on the side, and start focusing on it as my daily, during-work-hours concern. The money you donate via Patreon will help me afford (quite literally, haha) the time to keep making tutorials while I also find, negotiate and work on other creative projects. It will help me purchase the necessary craft supplies, and perhaps invest in some new tools and materials to delve into even more types of crafting.

So please go check it out, give my video a watch (think of it as a bonus blog post for this week, because it certainly took more than enough time to be one!) and consider becoming a Patron and supporting the continuation of my crafting tutorials!


beading on a DIY loom


My parents recently moved cross-continent to a house with more square footage but less storage space than their old home. This provoked a dismaying (to me) and zealous desire to unload us kids’ old stuff, making us take possession of it once more, despite us living in apartments with an even greater lack of storage. I’m quite certain there’s a rule that your parents have to keep your old treasures in their basement until you’re at least in your 40s – that’s the deal my mom got with her parents. Oh well. I’ll avenge myself by passing this pain along my own children someday.

Anyhow, in the midst of a lot of just throwing things away & some retroactive disgust at growing up before the digital age and having to deal with physical photo albums, a couple of interesting items did surface.

One of those was my old beading loom, a child’s craft kit for making colourful beaded bracelets and harassing parents with a permanent collection of teeny tiny seed beads embedded in the carpet. (Seed beads are not as evil as glitter, but the margin of difference isn’t vast, either).

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3 geeky dresses for PAX

PAX dresses

PAX starts tomorrow and my wardrobe is READY. The readiness of many other aspects of my PAX attendance is a little questionable still, but my clothing choices have been made (and then that chosen clothing made, b/c I imagined it rather than actually finding it in a store) & scheduled & I am ready!

I always get excited about what to wear for PAX, and I always make at least 1 new outfit. I think it’s sort of my Halloween substitute, since come October I’m always WAY too busy with Desert Bus prep to follow through on any of the fancy costume ideas I’d stored up throughout the rest of the year.

This year, though, I made an unprecedented THREE new outfits, because as we’ve covered many times already, I am crazy.

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DIY fabric lanyards


PAX is coming! While I have an exciting collection of hopes and plans to attend some new (to me) conventions in the next year, PAX is always my biggest convention experience of the year. First because it’s just so big in general, and second because it’s the convention at which I’ve made (or been granted, really) a tradition of hosting a wonderful crafting panel, where creative types gather and ask questions, share ideas and meet likeminded makers-of-things.

This year’s crafting panel is titled The Love of Crafting: Life, the Universe and MAKING ALL THE THINGS, and will be held at 12:30pm on Friday, August 29 (kick off your PAX with a wonderful creative gathering!) in Wyvern Theatre

This year, my lovely panelists are:

Sara Chicazul - Seamstress, Maker of Things

Emily Jarrett - Knitter, Painter, Alpaca Wool Purveyor

Katrina Keller - Bag Designer & Creator

Meris Mullaley - Fabric Alchemist & Cosplayer

We hope you will join us for a wonderful hour of craft talk!

Getting the panel together is not my only PAX preparation, though. I’m working on a dress, in the same costume-esque clothing vein as last year’s R2D2 dress, and I’m using up fleece scraps on a bunch of goofy wee monster plushies that I plan to leave here and there for people to find and take home. I also decided I’d like to have a custom lanyard this year, one that will perhaps keep a better hold on those precious Pinny Arcade pins.

So I tried out some lanyard-making this week, and discovered that it’s a number of wonderful things:

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dragon scale greeting cards


Here, as they say, be dragons.

I have loved dragons forEVER. Patricia C. Wrede’s Dealing With Dragons and subsequent sequels were some of my favourite books as a kid (and I reread them now and again to this day), I collected all the castle themed lego I could and especially coveted the sets with dragons in them, I recall doodling a dragon mum and baby on the bulletin during a Sunday sermon. Ok well, I doodled all kinds of things on church bulletins during sermons (often princesses and castles and fantasy landscapes), but I specifically remember those dragons.

And in third grade, my friend and I made little dragon-ish shaped toys from wadded up and taped paper, and took them out to the playground with us every recess. We’d fly them out to the field where we played at making them have adventures and terrorize the local landscape of patchy grass and clover. That must have gone on for several weeks. I have roughly 8 specific memories of playground events from my entire elementary school time, and that is one of them.

Dragons are awesome.

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reversible cadet cap

hats 1

It’s summer, and – miracle of miracles – the weather in our part of the world is actually behaving like it’s summer. Sun sun and more sun, and actual decent levels of heat. Given that Canadian doctors have lately been encouraged to lecture their patients about our national vitamin D deficiency, you’d think people would gripe a little less about the heat, but people are weird. I am loving this weather.

Last weekend we went out to a rock concert and spent many hours lying in the sun and drinking beer. The good life. But after going to this event last year as well, I learned that a hat was needed. Last year I snitched one of my husband’s, but by this year I realized I had the skills to make my own (so it would actually fit). And once you know how it’s done, this style of hat is very simple to make, and can be whipped up in an hour or two, depending on your speed and skill level.

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plush bus


I get commissions for all kinds of different things and all kinds of different reasons. Things from “My boyfriend loves this character” to “I’d like to give her a custom plush of her forum avatar” and “The baby needs a sun hat for summer anyway, why not have an awesome R2D2 one” have all come up.

And sometimes the reasons are a little more zany, or involve a detailed backstory because the commission is basically the physical manifestation of an inside joke or a “you had to be there” moment. The one I’m showing you today was made because the buyer wanted a nice big, soft and very much throwable bus, so that he could by tossing it over people’s heads, “throw someone under the bus.” I love my work.

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