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Fblthp plush

A little while ago I was asked to make a Fblthp plush, and I happily agreed. Thankfully, the request came via email, so neither of us had to worry about saying the name out loud, though I did experience difficulty while actually making the plushie and trying to answer my fiancé’s question of “So, what were you working on today?”

Happily, after a lot of tongue-twisting and inadvertent spitting, I did work out how to pronounce the name out loud.

As you can see in some of the pictures below, Fblthp turned out just about life size, if you go by the fact that he appears to come about calf-high on the humans around him on the card Totally Lost. He’s soft and cuddly but no matter how many times you hug him, he just can’t lose that worried look like someone’s about to kick him. Or like he has no idea where he is and who you are.

Looking worried together:

And speaking of MtG, here’s a fun bonus thing: I got to be part of the most recent episode of Friday Nights, the MtG webseries by LoadingReadyRun and Wizards of the Coast! Check it out Check it out here.


First, the connected head and torso, with that big distinctive eye:

Partway into construction, a quick pause for tomfoolery. Turns out that his unstuffed torso and head make a rather effective hand puppet. Stop waving those scissors around – you’ll cut someone!

Then stuffing, and limbs.

Aaaaagh, I can’t feel my arms! No seriously, I can’t feel my arms! Do I even have arms?!?!

Ok, that’s better. But, um, about this facial situation. Something seems to be missing still…

Ahhh, there we go. Still, I’m feeling kind of uneasy here. Just… can’t shake this unease…

And then he was ready to make the journey to his new home! He did find his way there safely, but I somehow doubt that he looks any less lost and confused now that he’s arrived.





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  1. The Lone Ranger

     /  May 2, 2013

    I’m totally lost in how cute that looks.


    Hahaha…this is super awesome! Do you have plans to sell these? Because I would totally buy one!

  3. flyingfinn

     /  July 3, 2013

    how much do you reckon it’d cost me if you made one of those as a commission and shipped it into finland?

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