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creative uses for pinback buttons… and all about PAX!

First off, I apologize for not putting up a post last Friday. I was in Seattle, busily depriving myself of sleep and being surrounded by 90,000 or so amazing people. It was awesome. My lack of posting was less than awesome, but let’s remember my double post of the previous week and move along, forgiving […]


7 craftsy things to do with Magic cards

My boyfriend and I play a lot of Magic. And playing a lot of Magic means having a lot of Magic cards around the house. A lot of cards. We’re talking infestation levels. We had to empty one of our dresser drawers in order to store them all, and the collection keeps growing. You regular […]

Microsoft Windows earrings

When your boyfriend works as a professional videographer and writer of silly/funny web videos, you sometimes get interesting phone calls. Yesterday’s went something like: Me: Hello? B/f: Hey sweetie, listen, do you think when you get home tonight you could make a pair of earrings that look like the Windows logo? We need them for […]

round paper earrings

Today’s post comes to you via special request from Twitterer thatlaurachick. Woot! I love earrings the way some women (with more closet space) love shoes. The way some obscenely rich people love Prada bags and BMWs. The way – just to bring it down to earth a little – some people love fantasy novels and […]