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SF Sound poster

An extra mid-week post to say, to Volume Inc.:

Thank you for the poster that you sent me for saying thank you!

Remember my fold-out card tutorial from a few weeks back? You may also recall me mentioning that I made that card for the Volume Inc. Thank You contest to win a really snazzy poster. Well my poster arrived today, and it is now adorning my craft corner, adding colour and zest! It’s a darn nice poster, too. High quality paper and printing, and it’s even signed and numbered.

I found the whole concept (send pre-emptive thank yous to “win” the gift of an item) to be an entertaining & interesting internet idea. I might have to try it myself, some day when I’ve thought of something cool enough that folks will want it. Meantime, thanks to Volume Inc. for the cool new exercise in thank you notes, and for the sweet poster!

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