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yarn wrapped bracelets

Ah June. That time of year when the rain comes sporadically and the temperatures refuse to rise and every bit of warm sunshine is just a cruel teaser of what we cannot have in proper abundance.* I’ve given up waiting for the damn weather. As mentioned in my previous post, I’m gonna dress for summer if it kills me. And for summer you need pretty, new, brightly coloured jewelry. Yes you do.

Here’s how to make some for super cheap.

[*True in the Pacific Northwest, at least]

What You’ll Need:

  • bangle bracelets (Get them super cheap at the dollar store or from the Sally Ann or other thrift stores.)
  • yarn
  • super glue

Putting it all together:

1) If your bracelets have any coverings on them, peel them off. Yeah, that was one uuuuugly dollar store bracelet! Doesn’t matter though – it’ll look entirely different very soon.

2) Put a glob of super glue on the inside of the bracelet.

3) Stick the end of the yarn to the super glue and let it dry. (First though, make sure you’ve got a small enough ball of yarn to fit through the bracelet, otherwise this won’t work!

4) Put more glue on the inside of the bangle, then wrap the yarn around the bracelet, pulling it tight and gluing it as you go. Do this all the way around the bracelet. If the bracelet’s exterior is rounded outward, you may have to wrap the yarn around twice to cover all the gaps. Or you can leave the gaps and let a bit of the original bangle show through.

5) Finish off by gluing the yarn down on the inside of the bracelet. Let it dry, then cut off whatever yarn is left dangling.

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  1. Super fun bracelets.

    Jessica (J3ss1ca: Swap-Bot)

  2. haha, luks liek crap:P

    • admin

       /  August 18, 2010

      Hi Hannah, I’m so sorry you feel that way. Despite the fact that we’re online here, I’d like to create a little island of non-trolling civilization. So if you can’t offer criticism or dislikes in a constructive, thoughtful or at the very least creative and correctly spelled manner, please don’t bother posting here. Thanks so much.

      • Haley

         /  October 18, 2012

        I thought that she was talking about how hers turned out.. I know that that is how mine turned out because god-knows why (XD seriously though). I don’t know what her thoughts are, after all, I’m not her, but still. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • Tally

         /  October 18, 2012

        Oh, I had not considered that, but if your assumption is right then I do apologize to Hannah. (And if not, what I said above stands.)

        I’m sorry to hear that yours didn’t turn out so well though! Try, try again and all that fun stuff? Or just go have a drink and try a different project – I’ve been known to follow that philosophy myself. :) Good luck either way!

  3. Super Cute!! wondering if I can do some hoops earrings

  4. Maite

     /  February 3, 2012

    omg I absolutely loooooveee this!!!!!!!!!!! just like the rest of your work =) please keep it up, you are really creative and good at what youre doing here!!! xx

  5. bu çook güzel bayıldım , teknoloji ve tasarım dersi için yüksek puanlık bir eşya. herkes hayran kaldı artık insanlar benden onlara yapmamı istiyorlar ,çok teşekkürler :)

  6. Love your work! It’s to die for! Please berry me in your art!

  7. Becky

     /  October 14, 2014

    Such an excellent craft idea, my tween daughter and I had such fun making ours, we’re now going to make some for Christmas and hang little Christmas charms from them, thankyou for the fabulous and affordable idea!

  8. admin

     /  January 6, 2015

    What a load of bull s***. I’m sorry I swore but come on. It took ages for my super glue to dry. I sat there at waited for at least 30 minutes. I mean it was fun but a load of bull s***. ©

    • Oh dear, I’m sorry it was so frustrating. It’s going to depend entirely on the glue you’re using, so if you can find a faster drying one (clear gel-like glues tend to be better for that than, say, white glue) you won’t have to do as much waiting. Hope you did have some fun with it regardless.

  9. Christy

     /  January 16, 2017

    What about using plastic bottles as bangles?

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