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Drawing of my character by @Featherweight_

Hi everyone! Today, I was delighted to take part in the Extra Life event as part of the Wizards of the Coast: Dungeons & Dragons team. I played the 8am – noon shift, and many outrageous adventures were had. One of my schticks was that since my character had a minstrel background, I would write and perform little ditties for donations. Unfortunately, Extra Life experienced problems all morning and was unable to take donations, but I did my ditties anyway, and encouraged viewers to donate retroactively once things were working again.

Here’s the group of players I was privileged to be part of:

Greg Bilsland — Dungeon Master

Jeremy Petter  —  playing Alek’vi, drow druid
Mike Selinker —  playing Destiel, tiefling fighter
Molly Lewis  —  playing Jackie Pointy, half-orc bard
Rodney Thompson  —  playing Alaric Rosethorn, dwarf bard
Tally Heilke  —  playing Engeltokken “Tokk” Pebbleston, gnome paladin
My character, Tokk, was a middle aged fellow, eager to tell all manner of exaggerated stories of his adventures to anyone who would listen, and fond of making up little songs about events around him. Prior to the start of this adventure, he had joined up with Jackie and Destial form a performing troop. However, Destial’s keen interest in setting things on fire meant the group was rarely booked for a repeat performance in any give place.

Following a public hanging of a red mage and rumour of a dragon threat nearby, the three joined forces with Alaric and Alek’vi to go do heroic day-saving deeds.


Doodle by Molly Lewis (@Molly23) of the adventure hook…

Below are the ditties that I, as Tokk, composed and performed on the feed, recounting pieces of the group’s adventures. (You can see more pictures, artwork, journal entries etc. from the adventure on the DnD Extra Life Tumblr.)


Tokk’s Ditties

Destiel’s Deeds
game context: Destiel likes to set things on fire. Often.

Through the coils of snaking smoke,
burning towns and roaring flames,
O’er the cries of shrieking babes,
Destiel merrily skips away.


Adventuring Song
game context: this is what the group was doing as they wandered through the swamp, seeking dragons. Tokk was, of course, composing this song.

Destiel seeks a dragon foe,
Alek’vi has her man in tow,
Aleric maps our progress slow
And Jackie’s flute does make us go.


Alek’vi and the Iguana
game context: Alek’vi cast a spell to speak with an iguana we encountered in the swamp, in an attempt to find this elusive dragon. The iguana got a little fresh. 

Alek’vi did charm the iguana
To get information and such.
But them the iguana did woo her,
And Alek’vi did flinch from its touch.


Aleric Rosethorn, Breeding Stock
game context: the party encountered a group of dworks (half dwarf, half orc) in possession of a mysterious amazing item supposed to belong to that red mage that got hung at the beginning of the game. The dworks were willing to trade it away, but what the were most keen on trading for was Aleric – a dwarf – to use as fresh breeding stock…

Aleric the dwarf was a very nice dwarf,
All handsome and sturdy and strong.
But when the half-orcs wanted his DNA
He preferred just to not go along.


Baby dragon song
game context: the amazing thing the dworks had turned out to be a dragon egg. It hatched. Aleric, who spoke draconic, began attempting to raise it to be a good, right-thinking dragon.

Little baby dragon,
chomping through the forest,
scooping up the doves
and sneezing feathers out.


Baby Dragon Lullabye
game context: the party encountered a very unfriendly group of bullywugs, and promptly slew them. The baby dragon was delighted with this dinner plan.

Little baby dragon,
close your fiery eyes.
Nibble on a  bullywug bone
under darkening skies.
Dream of crunching enemies
caught between your teeth.
As little baby dragon,
you softly fall asleep.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 11.38.00 AM

Drawing of the baby dragon (later named Mrs. Bojangles by a donor) by @Featherweight_



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