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crayon leaf wreath

When I was a kid, I figured being a grownup was basically about eating as much ice cream as you want and staying up as late as you like. And it is. Except for where that obnoxious word “responsibility” comes into it. And then, as you get all responsible and mature, you can forget how to […]


paper cornucopia – happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Canada is a hipster nation. Before the Pilgrims went to Plymouth rock and got all famous and stuff, they ran aground on Newfoundland. Yup, we had the Pilgrims before the Pilgrims were cool. Anyway, they tried to make a go of it in good old Newfoundland, but it was way too damn cold and there […]

alternatives to pumpkin carving

There’s nothing to get you in the Halloween spirit like stabbing a knife into a nice juicy pumpkin and sinking your hands into those stringy, gooey innards. Pumpkin carving was a strong tradition at our house growing up, and my brother and I would sometimes spend an hour sketching out the best possible jack-o-lantern design […]

paper pumpkins

Now that we’re halfway through October it truly is the season of creepy dolls and intricately mutilated gourds. I’m not usually big on decorating, except at Christmas, because there just isn’t room in our place. (Where does Martha Stewart keep all her gold plated pine cones, swan feather wreaths and foil-wrapped heart garlands in the […]