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paper orchids AND spiralled paper roses

We’re moving soon, and I’ve been slowly going through all my stuff, organizing and paring down. When I say “stuff” I largely refer to crafting supplies, since that’s what most of my world is made of. While sorting through all that “stuff” it came to my attention that I have what might technically be referred […]


felt poppies for Remembrance Day

When I was a kid growing up in the Midwest, each November my American friends would ask me why I was wearing a red flower on my coat. Canadians pretty much blend right in south of the 49th parallel, given enough time, but you can sometimes pick them out by looking for a few weird […]

easy ribbon roses

Here’s a fast, simple and elegant craft to help you prepare for Mothers’ Day. Or any other I-love-you, gift-giving, here-have-something-pretty occasion. You don’t have to use ribbon for this, either. You can use any long and narrow piece or cloth. Try a strip of scrap fabric, even a shoelace might work. Don’t have either of […]