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Easter crafting and gifting ideas

I have so many little bits and pieces type crafts on the go right now in preparation for Easter, and I thought I’d share them with you while you’re waiting for the main, meat and potatoes tutorial of today. That’s right, this is just gravy, folks! Extra content because I love you. So below are […]


wedding DIY – invitations & centerpieces

Remember how my boyfriend and I got engaged in December? And we were like, ok, we’re getting married in six months, let’s plan this wedding! Time went by, and in my head was this eternal concept that we were getting married in six months. Even though two months had passed since we got engaged. Finally, […]

lemon trees: a progress report

“Progress report.” Isn’t that a horrible phrase? Just typing it causes a sinister shiver, and brings visions of a beige-walled, fluorescent-lit cubicle farm with a drably-suited man tapping his pencil on his clipboard and wordlessly daring you to even think about attempting any kind of humour or good cheer. The phrase also reminds me of […]

(future) lemon trees!

This week’s tutorial is going to be a little different than usual, in part because variety is fun, and in part because I was on vacation most of the last week, and the whole point of vacation is, I feel, somewhat ruined if one spends it worrying about how to get a blog post prepared. […]

leafy felt plants with needle felted accents

The other day I looked over into the corner of my office where I pile the things that will need dealing with soon but not right now, and realized that my one poor little office plant was back there, looking decidedly unhappy. I wrote a while ago about how I’m not the best grower of […]

paper plants

All of my houseplants go through a sort of trial by fire. Or trial by neglect, to be more accurate. If they can withstand my general gardening ignorance and sporadic-at-best attention, they get to stay. If not… well in that case there isn’t much of them left anyway, is there? It’s not that I dislike […]