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PAX Crafter Round-Up


Awesome artwork for our panel – For the Love of Crafting II: The Wrath of Yarn – by panelist Sarah Mendiola

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I was approved to run a crafting panel at PAX again this year, hopefully making this the beginning of a new PAX tradition. I felt this year’s panel was a huge success and that there’s great interest in continuing to have this sort of craft-related creative discussion and meeting place at PAX, and probably at other gaming conventions as well. The audience was hugely enthusiastic. People asked many great questions, and shared many great ideas and projects as well. I wish we’d had more time to continue the conversation!

One of our panelists and a couple audience members did film the panel, and I’ll be sure to let everyone know when those videos have been edited and posted online.

During the panel, a question was asked about how to get in touch and chat and share ideas with other people at the panel. Panelist Tara Theoharis of geekyhostess.com came up with the idea of making a hashtag. Panel attendees could tweet about their creative works (perhaps with links) using the hashtag, and she would then search the hashtag to find and compile all those tweets on her site. I am reposting her list here as well, as one more place for those interested to find it.

Many thanks to Tara for coming up with this idea on the fly and for compiling this list! If you haven’t yet, do go check out her very cool website, and then take some time to look at the sites and work of the other panelists and attendees.

Edit: Sarah, as well as being on the panel, filmed it and has now edited and posted the video on her YouTube channel. Check it out!




Tally Heilke: Cute plushies and craft tutorials at Tally’s Treasury

Tara Theoharis: Geeky food and parties at The Geeky Hostess

Meris Mullaley: Cosplay and sewing at Fabric Alchemist

AnnaTheRed: Geeky Bento boxes and plushies at Anna The Red

Daniel Brattland: Dice creations at Roller’s Regalia

Sarah Mendiola: Videography and fantastic knitting at SarahMendiola.com


@Azralorne: Art and craft shop on Etsy

@briannemd: Will have things up on briannemd.com soon!

@CadoganThree: Painting, sculpture, and mixed media at deviantart

@CrochetLunch Sells crochet goods on Etsy

@DarkAngelYoshi: Crafty Crochet at, well, Crafty Crochet

@FeltedFamiliars: sells felted animals real and imaginary on Etsy

@jiannaprefect: Cosplay page on Facebook (She wore the Bjork Chocobo dress!)

@LunarJade: crafter and desert busser at deviantart

@kchristofersen: cross stitches, never anything too traditional or appropriate. Tweet her for commissions!

@LvCherieJewelry: geeky jewelry with elegance, whimsy, and heart atjewelry.luvcherie.com

@monicarysavy: Paper Goods shop on Etsy

@pipedreamdragon: Pipe Cleaner crafter at deviantart

@SheriB626 Crochet it ain’t so! Blog and Etsy

@Tom90deg: Steampunk crafter at deviantart

@Trillianne: Knits and quilts at MissCarlotta.com

@Valeta: Cute Litte Things shop on Etsy

@veggiehearts: Vegan and Fiber artist blog at Veggies Have a Heart

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