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adding animal-eared hoods to shirts – & tips for a tiger dress

Halloween approaches, and with it the daunting annual search for a costume that is comfortable and covers more of the body’s surface area than a teatowel. At least, I am a fan of costumes that are comfortable and non-skanky. And here’s a little revelation: it is possible to have an awesome, effective and interesting costume that […]


braided paper bracelets and bookmarks

Braiding, according to some random and unverifiable website I saw once, is a task with “Ancient World Origins,” practiced around the world and probably dating back ages and ages and signifying different things in different cultures and maybe even linked to way old-school deities. I’d look this stuff up properly, but I had a super […]

moving – rediscovery of the good, the Elmer’s and the emo

For those of you wondering if I have fallen off the face of the earth, I have not. I’ve simply been moving. My boyfriend and I decided to leave behind our charming character apartment for a place with less charm but more elbow room, and a kitchen sink larger than a shoebox. (In a couple […]

Mystery Mail in the Month of March

As regular readers will know, several weeks ago my friends and I received a box full of Magic cards, a gift from a [then] anonymous sender. It was a great surprise, and turned an average, boring Friday into a day full of mystery and delight. Ok, that sentence was a bit over the top, but […]

new page – The Basics

You may have noticed that I’ve put up a couple of wee little technique tutorials over the past few days. This is to provide links for my new page (there, at the top of the blog) called The Basics. (There is another, much bigger tutorial coming later today for the official weekly update.) There are […]

sewn paper garlands

Now that we’re well past Halloween, Thanksgiving and even the first days of December, I feel I can safely delve into the realm of Christmas decorations. Dante may not have mentioned it, but rest assured that there’s a special Hell for people who play Christmas carols in the malls before December first. Christmas is often […]

personalized felt journal

I do this online crafting thing on swap-bot.com, a site where people trade snail mail, much of it handmade and crafty. It’s a gathering place for people who have too much free time (so not me) and/or a problematic crafting addition (hand goes up), and who feel an inexplicable compulsion to keep the tragedy known […]