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PAX Crafter Round-Up

Awesome artwork for our panel – For the Love of Crafting II: The Wrath of Yarn – by panelist Sarah Mendiola As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I was approved to run a crafting panel at PAX again this year, hopefully making this the beginning of a new PAX tradition. I felt this year’s panel was […]


Wedding venues, bridesmaids dresses & wedding crafts

I’m getting married in June and I am so incredibly excited!!! Seeing as the goal is to only do this once in my entire life, I’m going to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do a little blogging about our wedding plans and adventures. Jeremy proposed on December 20th, as we perched atop the rocky outcrop of […]

Cute Cthulhu

Sometimes when I am making my various cuddly creatures, I subconsciously start inventing personalities or background stories for them. Quite often, creatures will sit at the back of my desk for a period of time, waiting on those last finishing touches, or to be photographed and listed in my store. And they get chatty with […]

Bonus Post: felt squares to support… someone (in the Québec tuition debate)

Religion, sex and politics. I don’t talk about any of these much on this blog, it being a fairly light crafting blog, but religion and sex are more likely to get a passing mention here and there than politics, in part because I consider myself somewhat more knowledgable on the former two matters than the […]

new business cards!

You may have noticed (and I’m now pointing it out for those who didn’t) that I recently added a new image to my blog header, with a spiffy little icon & my blog’s (new) name in nice big green letters. You may also have noticed my new avatar in G+ and a couple other places, […]

PAX Enforcer shirt mod

My friend Angela recently asked me to help her mod a long sleeve t-shirt. Angela is a PAX Enforcer, and thus has a “uniform” to wear during the twice-annual, three day convention. That uniform is a long-sleeved t-shirt, like the one seen above (which is last year’s iteration). It varies in colour and brand, but […]

Easter bunny napkin rings

Given that I do a craft tutorial every week, I frequently come up against the need to get rid of the things I make. There’s only so much room in our apartment, after all. Some items are sold, some are given away, some are enjoyed for a season and then thrown out or recycled. I […]