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beach ball paper beads

Ah paper, that wonderful, colourful diverse medium with which you can do just about anything. Even make jewelry. Generally speaking, paper is an under utilized medium for things like fashion, so you can make a pretty unique statement with a few of these dead tree beads hanging around your neck. Paper jewelry is also a […]


personalized 6-packs

Today’s post is about the unmatched joy of creative gift-giving. I visited some friends in Seattle this past weekend, and they were (as always) the most marvelous of hosts, showing me around the city and providing me with all manner of delightful sensory experiences: Mexican chocolate, the best Italian food I’ve had outside of Italy, […]

postage stamp box

This is a long one but a good one, promise. Got lots of time to kill this weekend? Then this could be just the project for you. Warning: if you are a serious stamp collector – if you steam stamps off of envelopes and keep them in little plastic sleeves – stop reading now. This […]

t-shirt scarves

Make your old t-shirts into adorable neck warmers – absolutely no sewing required!