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recycled wrapping paper thank you cards

While the pre-Christmas season is one of scouring Pinterest for gift ideas and mad dashes to the mall to do your shopping, the post-Christmas season is one of recovering from too many sweets, boxing up old unused items for the goodwill, and writing thank you cards. As a kid, I was held to the rule […]


cherry blossom thank you cards

I’ve been trying for ages to craft a decent representation of cherry blossoms, since they’re one of my very favourite things. The felt ones I did way back near the beginning of this blog were alright, but I never really managed to put a decent looking cherry blossom tree on a card. Until now. Cherry […]

fold-out fold-up cards

It’s like that old classic, the Duracell bunny: it keeps going and going and going… I started making this type of fold-up card a while ago. They’re great for occasions when you really need an extra-special card. They can take a while to complete, depending on how detailed you want to get, because there’s so […]