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paper pie gift boxes (for Pi Day!)

Earlier this week, my mom sent me a very important email informing me that next Wednesday, March 14, is Pi Day. (Because the date is 3/14, you see.) She knows how I like to be kept aware of important holidays. Since my math education culminated in me failing goecalculebra or whatever we were supposed be […]


paper airplane mobile – decorative storage

I’ve discovered another magical feature of the city I live in: multidirectional wind. It has the stupendous ability to blow in every direction at once, such that you are always facing head-first into it. I just biked across town in said wind, cursing extravagantly and vowing (impossibly) to do things to the wind which my […]

fold-out fold-up cards

It’s like that old classic, the Duracell bunny: it keeps going and going and going… I started making this type of fold-up card a while ago. They’re great for occasions when you really need an extra-special card. They can take a while to complete, depending on how detailed you want to get, because there’s so […]