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W00tstock 2.0 & 2.1 photos – bonus post

Woot! Stock! Yes, I was there, LoadingReadyRun was there, many other cool people were there! For my full-on recounting of this awesome experience, see my W00tstock article posted on the fabulous Geek Girl on the Street blog.

Ok so yeah, this is a crafting blog, and no, I don’t plan to use it for a bunch of other random crap from my life. That’s what Twitter is for. But W00tstock is neither random nor crap, and it’s my blog damnit, so I’ll do what I want with it! Just consider this one of a few occasional bonus posts. Besides which, photography falls under the category of the arts, and we all know the peas-in-a-pod aspect of “arts and crafts.” So there, I’ve linked it back to crafts.

And now, on to the photos.

Here is what I believe to be the very best photo I took all weekend.

Wil collects the underwear

And here are all my other also-pretty-damn-awesome-photos.

PS: Were any of you lovely readers at the Portland show? Did anyone out there get a photo of Paul singing the 2nd part of The Frogger Musical to me? I would absolutely love you if not only got such a photo, but if you were also to send it to me! I will love you with little text hearts and virtual cookies!


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