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Hydralisk plush

Do you guys recall that Zergling doll I made a couple years ago? That was one of my first “uhhhh” commissions, as in “Uhhhh, sure I can make that into a plush. I think. Probably? Well let’s find out!”

The commissioner (right word? Seems weird. Well her name wasn’t Gordon, but she did commission something cool) was patient with my uncertainties and delighted with the result, which was this:

So pleased, in fact, that she returned just recently to request a companion for the Zergling, who I gather needed someone to pick fights with other than the houseplants. Enter the Hydralisk.

Doll making is a process, and this one more than usual. It started as a bunch of different parts and pieces, and kind of looked like a mess.

But then things started to come together. It was at the end though, when I got to the face, that I really felt like the whole thing was working out. Sometimes everything hinges on the details of facial expression. And things like eyelids can make all the difference. Observe the change:

And that’s only a piece of it. Look at the vast difference between the blank grinning-mouth canvas I started with, versus the finished face in all its gloriously vicious detail:

Derp derp derp, I think I’ll go colour some pictures of bunnies and unicorns! Gee, isn’t it a lovely day?!

And then we have:

I will rip out your entrails and feed them to you before feasting on your liver! Then I shall wash you down with a dozen tender baby bunnies! RAWR!

Once I felt he was adequately fiercened we did a bit of a photo shoot, and then I let him go outside for some bunny-hunting.



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  1. Youri

     /  March 29, 2013

    He looks really cool nice job!

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  3. Mr.InternetHermit

     /  April 7, 2015

    How much would it cost if i wanted to buy one?

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