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double-stuffed Creepy Doll

Double stuffed Oreos are “wonderfilled” with soft, sugary deliciousness. Double stuffed Creepy Dolls, conversely are “horrorfilled” with squishy, staring terror.

When I posted about making 50 Creepy Dolls for LoadingReadyRun’s Kickstarter, I mentioned that, due to prototyping that left me with the unfinished and horribly disfigured shell of a Creepy Doll, one doll in the bunch ended up stuffed with the empty body of another. But I didn’t say which doll it was.


Well now, at last, the wait is over. Most if not all the Creepy Dolls seem to have arrived at their new homes, so this is the time. Let us discover who has ended up with a terribly, horribly, doubly creepy Creepy Doll.

The double stuffed plushie is doll number:



Congratulations to its owner, who will probably never sleep peacefully again.

Also, it’s the very same doll I’m holding in my lap in this photo. I made sure of it, because those kinds of secret details are fun.




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