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scoop-neck t-shirt mod

So my blog post is late this week. *GASP OF HORROR* Well, I’m pretty horrified, but I did have a good reason for not doing it yesterday: I was out in the woods climbing trees and swinging from bits of rope 45 feet in the air in celebration of a friend’s birthday. Seriously. And it […]


from t-shirt to halter top

Welcome to the second in my series of posts on t-shirt modification. Wow, that sounds very scientific, doesn’t it? Like I’m a tenured professor at the front of a gaping auditorium, about to fill people’s minds with new and revolutionary theories on the alteration of the common t-shirt. The common t-shirt is found throughout the […]

girlify your t-shirts

Ok ladies, it’s time to send the boys for beer and pizza while we have a little girl talk. You go to a show, a convention, that awesome thing put on by that awesome person or persons that you’ve been dying to go to forever. And you want to buy one of their awesome shirts […]