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crafts for me – D20 purse & Tardis earrings

Much of life flips upside down and backwards when moving house.  To remind me of this, two weeks ago I discovered I couldn’t remember where I’d packed any of my nice dress purses. I had a wedding to go to the next afternoon and couldn’t find anything but my dirty, everyday bike bag to hold […]


galaxy paper… and Doctor Who cupcake liners

Did you know that you can bleach paper? The same way you bleach fabric, in fact. This tutorial is a for-paper version of my lesson on making your own galaxy fabric, and it’s largely the same. Beyond the fact that it’s just marvellously awesome, there are lots of great things you can do with galaxy paper. So […]

(future) lemon trees!

This week’s tutorial is going to be a little different than usual, in part because variety is fun, and in part because I was on vacation most of the last week, and the whole point of vacation is, I feel, somewhat ruined if one spends it worrying about how to get a blog post prepared. […]