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50 Dimetrodon plushies


Time for an adorable pictures post! You may recall that this past spring I made a horde of wee dimetrodon plushies for The Doubleclicks‘ Kickstarter. (Their new album has a song about dimetrodons. It’s awesome. The whole album is awesome. If you’re not already familiar with the Doubleclicks, you should really check them out. They also have songs about burritos, velociraptors, Mr. Darcy, internet trolls, lasers and more.)

The dimetrodons were soft. They were sweet. They ate dust bunnies and were 12 inches long.


Here are the original prototype photos that went up on Kickstarter. This fellow is still living on my craft room desk, and I recently made a little shark plush that he was eyeing up rather hungrily, come to think of it…

original dimetrodon

So that was the prototype. Y’know, 0 of 50. Easy peasy, no time at all to do one of something.¬†After that is when the real work began. First came a whole lot of cutting…


And pinning (and some late night work)…


And some more cutting, out on the lovely deck where we were house sitting, because the weather was fabulous.


The cat occasionally came to investigate the sun as well.



I discovered that, as with many plushies, they had some strange inside out and transitioning-from-inside-to-out looks.

Kind of like a Pillsbury dinner roll, with a purple sail.


Safety eyes look weird from the inside.



The herd really started to grow and take over the dining room table, making friends with an assortment of other plushies.


At one point I took the partially completed Dimetrodon collection outside for a bit of frollicking in the grass.


in the grass

The Dimetrodons really enjoyed that backyard adventure, and convinced me that once their brothers and sisters were finished they should all go for another romp together before they had to travel to their new, individual homes.


So, as any caring guardian of several dozen rambunctious younglings would, I found a playground and took them out for the afternoon.


We got a few odd glances (which usually turned into smiles) from neighbourhood passersby, and one very eager-looking dog who fortunately was not let off his leash to get a closer look.



Now Winifred, no pushing! George, share the space and make room for others. Arnold, we keep our tails to ourselves! Alright everyone: ready, set, sliiiide!


Some of these dimetrodons also turned out to be rather good climbers.



Others preferred “the whirly bowl thing.”



All in all we had a lovely time at the park. And afterward, they all said their good byes and dispersed to their new homes around the world. Such darling dimetrodons!




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