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quick and easy fairy wings

Halloween approaches, and with it the stress of finding a costume that doesn’t make you look like a stripper on her way to Fantasy Land. (Y’know, beyond the fact that they’re totally skanky, has it occurred to anyone that those costumes would be f***ing cold?!) Fairy costumes are super easy to put together because all […]


homemade envelopes: fewer chemicals, more character

Why do they make the gum stuff on envelopes taste so nasty? Are they worried about kids practicing substance abuse with envelopes? Because if so, I think that’s pretty unfair to all the kids who, like me, grew up in smaller towns in places like Kansas, where there aren’t hookers and blow on every corner […]

from t-shirt to halter top

Welcome to the second in my series of posts on t-shirt modification. Wow, that sounds very scientific, doesn’t it? Like I’m a tenured professor at the front of a gaping auditorium, about to fill people’s minds with new and revolutionary theories on the alteration of the common t-shirt. The common t-shirt is found throughout the […]

cigar box shelving

Throughout the ages, many famous figures have proclaimed that nothing is certain but death and taxes. This seems to me either a poorly thought out remark on the part of Daniel Defoe, Benjamin Franklin, Margaret Mitchell and others credited with its pronouncement, or it indicates that these people ran around naked and did all their […]

girlify your t-shirts

Ok ladies, it’s time to send the boys for beer and pizza while we have a little girl talk. You go to a show, a convention, that awesome thing put on by that awesome person or persons that you’ve been dying to go to forever. And you want to buy one of their awesome shirts […]

If life gives you garbage, make confetti!

Maybe it’s that I spent too much time on crafting this week, or maybe it’s just the natural cycle of things, but on Thursday my creativity crashed headlong into a brick wall, quivered a bit and then lay pathetically still. Just in time to put together this week’s blog post, naturally. Discussing this unfortunate event […]

upcycled cardboard & fabric bracelets

Alright boys and girls, here’s an original, totally Tally craft idea directly inspired by my conversion to West Coast use-your-trash Hippie-ism. As opposed to Midwestern donate-your-yogurt-tubs-to-local-kindergarten-art-teachers-and-throw-the-rest-away-cuz-the-recycling-companies-don’t-function-properly-out-here-ism, I suppose. But I digress. Next week, remind me not to write blog posts after a couple glasses of wine. Thanks to making all those ribbon roses last week, […]