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big storms, big trucks, and big tank tops transformed into vests

We had a thunderstorm this July! And then we had another small one just this week. Two in one year – the apocalypse is surely on its way. See, I live on the west coast of Canada, where the weather almost never threatens to kill you or does anything terribly interesting at all, really. The […]


shortening skirts, re-hemming skirts, & salvaging screw-ups

It sure has been a week. Yes it has. There were social engagements nearly every evening, tons to get done at work, I spent a couple days fighting off some kind of cold that wanted to subdue me, I finished two commission projects, we had a 4-hour Desert Bus 6 meeting on the weekend, and […]

leg warmers from old sweater sleeves

I’ve decided that leg warmers are kind of cute. Before you scream for me to be cast into a vile pit of fashion mistakes and other torments of the 1980s, hear me out. I love boots – I feel they balance out the bottom of the legs a bit, especially on women like me with […]

dressmaking without a pattern (cheat to win)

I have a problem with patterns. Clothing patterns specifically. And I blame the people who make said patterns for this. Because when all is said and done and I’m sitting on the floor, hunched over, fingers sore from ripping out thousands of stitches, with a dress that is somehow two sizes too large despite having […]

sew your own skinny jeans

Today I’m going to explain the very simple process of turning normal jeans into skinny jeans. The obvious question is, of course, why would you want to? Skinny jeans look good on girls under the age of 12 and girls who look like they’re under the age of 12. And that’s pretty much it. Oddly […]