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big storms, big trucks, and big tank tops transformed into vests

We had a thunderstorm this July! And then we had another small one just this week. Two in one year – the apocalypse is surely on its way. See, I live on the west coast of Canada, where the weather almost never threatens to kill you or does anything terribly interesting at all, really. The […]


cherry blossom thank you cards

I’ve been trying for ages to craft a decent representation of cherry blossoms, since they’re one of my very favourite things. The felt ones I did way back near the beginning of this blog were alright, but I never really managed to put a decent looking cherry blossom tree on a card. Until now. Cherry […]

masking tape tree paintings

The apartment war continues, my friends. This week, those white walls get dealt with. Dedicated readers may remember my horror over the endless stretch of blank white living room wall when we moved into this apartment back in June. A Great White expanse, sterile and soul-sucking, and – since we’re renters, not owners – taunting my inability […]